South Road (past Thongs Cafe), Hopkins, Stann Creek District

Manager: Cheryl Rowland-Nunez
  • (501) 635-0967
  • Owners: Robin and Katya Hackl

    To get here

    By plane $75

    By flying by either “Maya Air” or “Tropic Air” for about $75 US per person. Flights leave from the Main Terminal several times a day, arriving in Dangriga, from there you can take a taxi (at about $45 US per trip) or pre-arrange pick up (Speak to our experienced Property Manager for all your connecting travel arrangements) for the 30 minute drive from Dangriga to our home. The flight is only about 15 minutes and offers a very scenic view of the coastline.

    By car$60-100a day

    By renting a vehicle. Vehicle rentals run between $60 to $100 US, depending on the type of vehicle. As you exit the front of the Belize International Airport, you will see directly ahead of you - across the airport parking lot – a row of vehicle rental outlets.

    By bus$5

    Buses leave the airport a few times a day (you’ll have to transfer to other buses that connect to the village). Travelling by bus can be time-consuming, crowded & uncomfortable, as well as inconvenient, as the bus only goes in and out of Hopkins from the main highway two to three times per day.